There are certain questions that I get asked over and over, and thought I'd place them on this page.


Q. Do I have to get a trial?

A. Absolutely not. If you decide not to do a trial, sending a few photos of how you'd like your hair and makeup would be an enormous help.


Q. Where do you do the services?

A. I work on location. I will come to wherever you are getting ready.


Q. Is there anything I should know or do in the days before my wedding?

A. If you're going to get your brows waxed or threaded, do it at least 3 days prior to the wedding. Also, please do not wash your hair the morning of your wedding, please wash it the day before. Lastly, do not try any new skin care products or get a facial within a week before your wedding. Murphey's law says your skin will break out or have some kind of reaction to it right before your big day! Stick with what you know works for you.




Q. What camera do you use?

A. A cheap Nikon Coolpix s550. I use the macro setting and a flash.


Q. How do you do your eyebrows?

A. I change it up daily but usually I use a 318 brush, Dipdown fluidline from MAC, and a very steady hand.


Q. How do you apply your foundation?

A. I usually use a 168 or 109 brush and Studio Sculpt Foundation. 


Q. Can any airbrush foundation work in any airbrush system?

A. Yes. If you have a typical air compressor and airbrush gun, then you can run anything through it that's thin enough. Just because you bought it from a specific brand doesn't mean you have to use their foundation. Only airbrush systems that are marketed towards everyday users and not artist can you not do this with, e.g., the temptu system sold at sephora with the individual foundation pods, etc.


Q. What is your skincare regimen?

A. Although I'm not consistant, I use proactive at night followed by MAC's moisturelush moisturizer. In the day I use Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum followed by a tiny bit of Moisturelush.