Lauren Clark offers makeup knowledge to those who don't want to spend $7,000 to $20,000 to do it. Many times other schools teach from an outdated text book with instructors that have no real industry experience. 

LC has been in the makeup and fashion industry since 1999 when she took her first cosmetology class and has been doing makeup professionally for 11 years.

Classes are held within the student's home or in Georgetown TX. A travel rate may apply. For Makeup Artist 1 & 2 classes a model will be hired so the student can gain hands on experience. She is also available for travel to teach seminars, please email for a price quote.

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Makeup Basics

A one time, 1 hour class for the everyday woman who wants to learn to apply her makeup properly. $150 for 1 person, $225 for 2.

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Create Your Own Class

A 1.5 hour one-on-one class. If you only want to focus learning one or a couple specific things, then choose this option. Lesson plan is custom made to what you want to specifically learn. Receive a discount of $30 per class if you book 3 classes.

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Aspiring Makeup Artist 1

A 5-hour course for aspiring makeup artists who want to focus on learning more about applications and techniques. 5 hours total. Includes book.

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Aspiring Makeup Artist 2

10-hour course. Covers everything that the Aspiring Makeup Aritst 1 Class covers, and also includes essential information for starting and marketing your business, tattoo cover, and more. Includes book & Certificate of course completion.

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Business Lesson

For the Aspiring makeup artist trying to get his or her business off the ground or for the artist who just needs some business help. Can be done in studio or on Skype. 1.5 hours.


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Tattoo Cover

Learn how to properly conceal a tattoo the right way. 45 minutes.


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